Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I sort of wish I could add about fifty posts or so and pretend I've been doing this for years. But to be honest, this is post #1. Soon I'll be posting announcements about the various activities and interests that keep me occupied, or preoccupied, not to mention (what an odd convention ... I'm mentioning it, aren't I?) whatever tricks of fate life decides to throw at my cringing face.
For the time being, if you read Japanese , or you like to see a few English words surrounded at spearpoint by Hiragana and Katakana, feel free to check out this mention (thanks to Hiroyuki Sato) of a couple of my recent geeky experiments: a hack of a fun script for Adobe Illustrator, and my linb UI Builder hack (which I, for some pretentious reason, decided to call "Boethos").
I'm working on a couple of explanatory movies for these offerings. Here are a couple of paragraphs to give you the gist:
  • Tree-likeUI.js is a tree shape-making script. The original script (by Sato-san) was so cool that I decided to make it more fun, easy and efficient to use. My hack adds a user interface, and makes the script "remember" previous settings so a user can bang out a whole forest in no time. It also allowed me to create a logarithmic slider control. If that sounds like something you don't care about, by all means, ignore it. 

  • If you develop scripts for CS apps (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, &c), Boethos hacks (or really, utilizes) the CrossUI UI Builder (formerly the jsLinb UI Builder) so that you can spit out a user interface in very little time (this supersedes and far out-does my Comp_To_UI Script for After Effects). My first official use of Boethos was for ... guess what? The Tree-likeUI script. A somewhat detailed description of how it works can be read using the link above. A short tutorial is on Hiroyuki's blog (link above). My own tutorial is rather large and I'm only about half-done. Mr. Sato shamed me by making a tutorial in a matter of hours.

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