Thursday, December 17, 2015

Soundflower in Yosemite (and probably Mavericks and El Capitan)

Hey, Mac audio enthusiasts/podcasters/professionals! If you're a fan of Soundflower, the useful audio input/output kernel extension and its extra appendage utility, Soundflowerbed, you may have been frustrated by how everything got all messed up when you upgraded to Yosemite (or Mavericks, or El Capitan; this post is Yosemite-centric but probably applies to those other OS versions, too). After having to do this thrice I've decided that the world needed a clear explanation of how to get your Soundflower functionality back. Here's what you do.

First, install Soundflower after downloading with the installer at this url:

The link looks like this:

Installing this should work fine.

Now download the old beta Soundflower installer from this url:

The file is the top one:


You're going to use this to install ONLY the Soundflowerbed application (if you already have this installed, it may tell you that you're "upgrading"). Fire up this installer and when you get to this screen, hit "Continue":


Then, when you get to this screen, make sure you hit the "Customize" button:


 ... and do this to make sure you're only installing the Soundflowerbed utility:

This should give you the functionality you need. It worked for me.

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