Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cheetah3D Version 7 Is Now Available.

Well well well! Cheetah3D has an early adopter public beta out (v7pointblablabla).
It's available through the forums.
What stands out so far about this version (which I immediately paid for because I really like this software):
  • It's still very affordable.
  • The new booleans are way way way better.
  • There's a new renderer called "Falcon", and this is what allows users to now include … wait for it … MOTION BLUR in their renders! You can tell I'm pretty excited about this, right? It looks gorgeous.
  • Animated image textures (for texture, displacement, etc.) are now built in (previously this was only possible with a custom script – like the one I wrote … well, hacked). Various movie file "wrappers" can be used.
  • A sculpting brush tool (needs to be expanded, but shows great promise).
 There are a lots of improvements and additions, but I've just scratched the surface. So far I haven't seen a lot of instability, and the compatibility with v6 seems to be pretty good.

Get it. Play with it. Make cool stuff with it.

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