Saturday, January 7, 2017

Adobe After Effects for Small Displays

This is a simple public service announcement for Mac OSX After Effects users, or prospective Mac OSX After Effect users who are unsure if their small display – like, for example, the Macbook Air Mid-2013 model, which is 1366x768 – will be good enough for an After Effects 2017 install. The requirements stated on the Adobe website specify that a Windows display may be as small as 1280x1080, whereas the Mac OSX requirement is 1440x900.
Why Adobe insists on creating different requirements for these two platforms, I do not know and cannot fathom.
But I'm happy to report that yes, the display I am currently staring at, which is under the stated requirements for display size, is actually fine; you will be able to install and use Adobe After Effects 2017 if you have a 1366x768 display.
Perhaps you have landed here desperately searching for an answer regarding the adequacy or inadequacy of your display. As a friend of mine would say – after posting an absurdly silly Facebook post – I hope this helps.
And yes, the graphics card is still shit.

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